a breath of fresh air

Hi Friends!

While being away this past weekend, at 11,000 feet high on a beautiful mountain in Colorado I realized I needed to S L O W   D O W N.

You ask, “Why?” and my answer is simply because I want a slower paced life that allows me to take it all in. I want to enjoy quiet mornings instead of rushing off to work in a frenzy. I want to take time to enjoy everything I do and focus on whoever I’m talking to or spending time with instead of always being “connected”. I want to appreciate the outdoors, take a breath of fresh air, and soak up the sun! Don't get me wrong, multitasking is great until you realize you lose focus of everything. I want to focus on one thing and one person at a time.

Slowing down is a conscious choice, and not always an easy one. Yet, oftentimes it leads to a greater appreciation for life and pure happiness. Now you ask, “How?”

I don’t have all the answers, nor will I pretend to, but here are a couple thoughts I’m focusing on.

Do Less – It’s hard to slow down when we are trying to do a million things at one time. So, focus on what’s really important, what really needs to be done and let go of the rest. Y’all sometimes I have more than one to-do list. Yes, I actually said that! I want to do it all, all in the same day and success comes when my list(s) are completely scratched through. Moving on I’ll be tossing my to-do lists and focusing on only the really important things!

Be Present – It’s not enough to just do less. We need to be mindful of what we are doing at the moment. So, focus on what is going on right now. Not tomorrow, not next week or next year. I’m very guilty of this, I’m a planner. Not only am I a mad planner, but I love a good countdown app. Nothing like wishing my days away, right?!? This one will take practice!

Disconnect – Don’t always be connected. Being connected all the time means we are subject to interruptions, stressed by information overload and sometimes it may seem we are at the mercy and demands of others. It’s hard to slow down when we are always checking new messages coming in. Yes, I always have my phone nearby. Yes, I am on Mac way too late at night researching, shopping, liking, commenting (that’s what fashion bloggers do!). Here’s to shutting off my phone/computer or better yet, leaving it behind at times!

Focus on People – Too often we spend time with family and friends, and we are not really there with them. We are there, but our minds are on things we need to do. Yes, we talk to them but we are also distracted by devices. Does this sound familiar? I’ve been on both sides of this more than once. Let’s try shutting off the outside world and just be present in conversation. This means really connecting with people rather than just meeting with them. To me, just a little time spent with your family and friends can go a long way!

Appreciate Nature – Many of us are shut in our homes and offices most of the time, and rarely get the chance to go outside. And many times when we are outside, we complain about the temperatures, the rain, the humidity (hello Houston!). Instead of complaining (no one wants to hear it anyways), let’s observe God’s beautiful creations, take a deep breath of fresh air and take it all in. Exercise outdoors when you can, or find other outdoor activities to enjoy!

Just Breathe – When you find yourself speeding up and stressing out, pause and simply take a deep breath! Really feel the fresh air coming into your body, and feel the stress going out. I find myself doing this often. Take a deep breath or two – do it now and see what I mean!

Speaking of fresh air, that’s exactly what this floral beauty reminds me of! It’s so light, airy and comfy! Kinda like your PJ’s comfy! Who doesn’t love a chic floral, cold shoulder dress? Floral prints and anything cold shoulder are so trendy this summer! Sadly, this dress is sold only in stores so be sure to check out your local Dillard’s store. Or as always, I’ve linked similar options below and my outfit details!

Dress (similar) // Dress (similar) // Wedges // Necklace // Earrings // Bracelet // Sunnies

It’s Wednesday which means we are half-way to the long holiday weekend! Woohoo!!! Are you as excited as I am? What are your 4th of July plans? You can find me at the pool, taking it easy, enjoying life and most importantly… 

s l o w i n g   d o w n!

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